Invitation for cooperation

2015 03 03


Information about projects here and here

We would like to develop and apply the program “Safe school: identification, prevention and actions in case of threats of violent behavior of individual persons.”

We plan to:
1) develop a methodology;
2) train the target groups in schools and municipalities;
3) apply the methodology in the pilot, territorial objects during exercises / trainings;
4) identify the risks of corruption in determining the administration of information;
5) ensure continuity of the activities:
5.1. in collaboration with the University / Security Research Laboratory through training programs,  research projects of students and researchers;
5.2. via establishing long-term partnership contacts among Lithuanian and Norwegian schools, municipalities, police (police sponsors / community police)

Partner must meet the following requirements:

- Local authorities;

- Institutions of regional authorities, if they have territorial units providing public services at regional or local level and institutions of local authorities (any public institution, which provides services for the community and is located and registered in a particular municipality or region, including, but not limited to, schools, hospitals, youth organizations, day care centers, community centers, sports organizations, museums culture houses, communal services providing enterprises, fire brigades, etc.). If an applicant is an institution of regional or local authority, the project’s beneficiaries must be the territorial units of the institution;

- Non-profit public institutions that provide educational services in accordance with their regulations;

- Associations of local and regional authorities.

Partner has to:
- consider the activities of a project in Norway (e.g., meetings, trainings) in the problematic municipalities / or to allow us to offer them;
- provide data on the costs of these activities;
- in accordance with possibilities to introduce problematic municipalities;
- act as mediators to the beneficiaries of activities / problematic municipality / authority of territorial unit
until March 18 to harmonize the partnership agreement (the agreement we will prepare).


We are currently negotiating, and the Lithuanian partners are going to be:
- VIP Protection Department;
- Police Department
- Municipalities through their association
- Problematic municipalities / schools of districts
- University / s

Please inform us about your ability to participate in cooperation, your needs, expectations, procedures.